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Finding crucial liquidity throughout your supply and distribution chain ?

At the end of any manufacturing process, when end product has been produced but has not yet been assigned to a customer or dealer network, a liquidity gap is created.


To bridge this gap, we have a unique ability to leverage your finished goods inventory and provide funding at the individual asset level.


Under this programme, we at Webshariah Solutions act as your agent that can unlock the capital tied up in your finished product to invest back in your business.


We provide bespoke, asset-backed funding programmes to help manufacturers free their capital and fill the liquidity gap between production and assignment to a dealer.


And it’s an easy process too. We use a web based electronic data interchange (EDI) to make the whole process simple and transparent: Finished goods can be tracked unit by unit, so that funding is electronically matched to each individual product.


The world’s first multi-commodity and multi-currency


Shariah compliant platform to support murabahah transactions


A hybrid market offering members a choice of trading electronically through a secured web-based system or through traditional voice broking


Operates in a 15-hour 6-day market


Bids and Offers are placed daily and trades are matched electronically


Commodities are deliverable upon election of the purchaser


Members are governed by a set of trading rules encompassing best market practices and Shari’ah principles


Housed in a Shari’ah-compliant wholly-owned subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia called Bursa Malaysia Islamic Services Sdn Bhd (BMIS).

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